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Quiz of the fortnight está de volta! Aproveite para praticar mais o seu inglês e ainda ganhar os prêmios exclusivos do B.A. Participe!

Publicado em : 10/02/2017

Ted ed - Nostalgia

What is nostalgia? Watch the video and answer the questions according to your level of English.


Junior levels:

Are these sentences True or False according to the video? 

Modern scientific research indicates that nostalgia causes feelings of loneliness. 
Modern scientific research indicates that nostalgia improves psychological health.
Only old people feel nostalgic.
Nostalgic memories differ depending on culture.
Nostalgia makes people feel old.


Intermediate levels:

Watch the video and answer the questions.

When was the term 'nostalgia' coined?
According to modern scientific research, what is the cause of nostalgia?
When are people more likely to feel nostalgic? 
How do nostalgic memories tend to be like?
How has the understanding of nostalgia changed over the years, with the development of scientific research?


Advanced levels:

Answer the questions according to the video.

How has the concept of nostalgia changed over the centuries? What factors explain these changing views on nostalgia?
How might nostalgia serve to increase well being when people experience distressing states such as loneliness?
Nostalgia has been shown to increase self- esteem, feelings of belongingness and perceptions of meaning in life. How might nostalgia be used to help people find the motivation to take on new challenges and goals?

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Children QUIZ - Song of the week : Days of the Week Song

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Song of the week:

As aulas estão de volta. Cante a musica " Hello" e siga os comandos.

A Campanha Doação de Bolsas foi um sucesso!


CAMPANHA Bolsa Solidaria BA

Campanha bolsa solidária B.A. Sugestão para bolsa de mulher: uma roupa, pasta e escova de dente,sabonete, absorvente, escova ou pente de cabelo,batom, garrafa de agua e um lanche. Sugestão para bolsa de homem:  uma roupa, pastas e escova de dente,creme de barbear e gilete, sabonete e desodorante. Garrafa de agua e um lanche. Sugestão para bolsa de criança: uma roupa e um brinquedo, pasta e escova de dente, sabonete, garrafa de agua e um [...]


Srs. pais e/ou responsáveis, Estamos enviando o boleto referente à 1ª parcela do 1º semestre de 2017, com vencimento em 05 de janeiro, para que tenham direito ao brinde quesempre oferecemos aos 130 primeiros alunos que efetuarem o pagamento. O brinde,um descanso de pescoço, já se encontra na secretaria da escola. Garanta o seu! O cheque só será cobrado na data do vencimento, 05/01/2017.    É importante [...]

Quiz of the fortnight

You are going to watch Jon Gosier talk about how new technology can make things actually worse for some people.      Junior groups: Choose the best answer for each question. What did Jon's technological solution allow the Ugandan people to do in 2010?  A. Get fit. online.    C.avoid government surveillance. What are the unintended bad consequences of medical apps and virtual currencies?    A. The technology [...]

Children's group quiz

    Ex. g.  Bed. - The monkey is under the bed. Curtains Drawer Desk Tv Head Door Box and ball

Song of the week: Where's the monkey?

Where's the monkey? Is a song about prepositions of place and furniture. Watch the video and sing along.  

Fotos Halloween 2016


Quiz of the fortnight:

You are going to watch James Veitch talk about what happened when he replied to an email spam.   Junior groups: Watch the video and rewrite this email using the code he proposed. Intermediate groups: What do you remember? Put the events in the correct order. 1. He proposed to use a code during their correspondence. 2.James decided to bait the scammer by expressing interest. 3. James had so much fun that he decided to carry on replying to scam emails for the [...]

Quiz of the fortnight for children: I Have A Pet - Animal Song

Listen to the song "I have a pet" and write down all the pets they show on the video.    

Promoção: I'm a winner!

Colecione os copos da promoção "I'm a winner"! Participe do "Quiz of the fortnight ".   Novo ganhador do Quiz.

Song of the week: I Have A Pet | Animal Song

Listen to the song about pets and sing along!    

Quiz of the fortnight

Watch Kevin Alloca, the trends manager at youtube, talk about why online videos go viral.    Junior groups Intermediate groups   Advanced groups